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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Omø is great!

Last year, I published a very critical post about the state of the facilities at Omø. Fortunately Lyn corrected me and I pointed out more positive observations the next day. But today, when we arrived here after an easy 2 hour trip we were really surprised! They have upgraded, redone, modernised, whatever you want to call it, the entire harbour!
New jetties, new back-poles, new 'grillpladsen' (places where you can barbecue), new ablution facilities, there is no end to it!
And as the season has not really started yet (although the 'summer schedule' of the ferry started today), there is almost no-one here! When we arrived (admittedly early, before lunchtime), there was one other boat. Now, at almost 9pm, there are nine including us.

We took a walk to find the Købman to get some meat for the Cobb. As the Købman was closed until 3pm, we walked to the lighthouse. Once we had secured the meat (a nice piece of steak) we returned to the boat and had a nice Cobb dinner.

Here are some impressions:

Not very busy.....

What a beautiful evening for Cobb dinner

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