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Monday, June 20, 2016

Bokö and Harstena

There was no blogpost last night as we did not have an Internet connection. Usually there is a signal in somewhat remote places, but it appears that Bokö is too far.

We tied up on a jetty on this interesting island. There is an information hut where there is a supply of brochures, from which we learned that people have lived there since the middle ages. Apart from fishing, hunting and agriculture, pilotage was an important source of income. We hear this time and again along this difficult to navigate coast. These days, with good charts and GPS it's not that hard, but if you don't know where the rocks are....

Only 10 people live on Börko and after one of them (a farmer, we think) left in his boat this morning, we went for a walk along the quite well marked trail. Here are a few impressions:

Around 10, we left and made our way to 'Flissfjarden', a bay on Harstena. We also spent a night here last year (after having spent time in the Harstena harbour itself) and we decided to go back, probably for two nights.

Getting here requires a bit of careful navigation, as you are away from the main fairway and there are no buoys anywhere to guide you. So it's good use of the chart, your eyes and the GPS plotter. Once inside Flissfjarden, you are very well protected from any wind direction. We are now at anchor, there is one other yacht anchored as well and two tied to the rocks:

We continue to be amazed how quiet it is everywhere. In four days' time it will be 'midsummer', the unofficial start of the holiday season. A week later, in July, there will be 40 boats here.

We plan to take the dingy ashore tomorrow and walk through the woods to the village. In season there is a bakery and a fish smoking place there and we wonder if they'll be open yet.


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