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Friday, June 3, 2016

Omø - Vordingborg - Rødvig

From Omø to Vordingborg is just over 30 nmiles, just South of East. As the wind was easterly, it was right on the nose, at first light but building to a bit over 15 knots as time went on. The 'Smalandsfarvandet', the sea south of Sealand, is known to be uncomfortable as a confused swell quickly builds as a result of the many reefs and shallows. So it is not surprising that we 'hacked' into the waves for a few hours. No problem, but lots of water over the deck and a very salty boat.

In Vordingborg we tied up next to a slipway which was blocked off as a swan couple had claimed it as the perfect place to extend their family:

The following day, no happy announcement could yet be made.

We continued our voyage east to Rødvig. The shortest way leads one through the 'Bøgestrom', a shallow and windy way towards the 'Faxe Bugt'. It's about 20 nmiles before you end up in the open sea and you are continually looking for the next red, green or cardinal (black and yellow) buoy. So the time goes fast! After that, it was another 10 nmiles to Rødvig, the wind had all but disappeared but there was some residual swell from the previous day which initially made us roll quite a bit.

Rødvig is the most convenient place to cross to Sweden from and that's what we will be doing tomorrow. The forecast is very good for this, very light winds all day.
As always with a 'change of country', we need to change Internet infrastructure, and as it is unlikely that we will be at an 'Internet shop' in good time tomorrow and the following day is Sunday, there might be a break in comms unless the WiFi is up to scratch tomorrow night.


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