This is "Onbekommerd"!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Travelling on

Our apologies for firstly the lack of recent posts and secondly the lack of pictures in this post.

After the nice Midsommar experience, we stayed in Nävekvarn for another two nights, mainly because we wanted to discuss our winter storage requirements with the owner of Swede Port Marina. We successfully did that this morning and we have arranged that Onbekommerd will be lifted out on 18 August. That is a bit early, but we have stuff to do in London at the end of August.

We then left Nävekvarn after taking leave of our new Dutch, British and Swedish friends and travelled in between the islands and rocks to a really nice bay at Ringsön where we are now at anchor. Although there are a total of 12 boats here, all you can hear are the birds. We just had our evening coffee on the front deck.

Tomorrow we'll carry on to Trosa, an easy 15 miles.



  1. Het is er toch eindeljk van gekomen om de Onbekommerd in Zweden te laten liggen. Wijs besluit dat volgend jaar jullie actieradius sterk vergroot!

    1. Ja Hans, van Delfzijl naar ons 'jachtgebied' neemt 4 tot 5 weken. En dit jaar willen we naar de Åland eilanden, dat is ten noorden van Stockholm. Dus we hadden wat extra tijd nodig.
      Volgend jaar na het seizoen waarschijnlijk wel weer terug naar Nederland.