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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Walking around Ystad

I mentioned yesterday that today was going to be a 'rest day', but that does not mean lazing around on the boat. Oh no, 'rest' means shore activities! As there is a hiking trail in this area, we set out to find it and walk at least part of the route.

We were told that the trail was marked with orange signs, so we looked first around the church in the centre of Ystad:

There is also a monastery, and we thought the trail might run near it:

Not having any success, we decided to walk out of town to where we thought the trail might be and yes:

The trail turned out to be the best marked one we have ever seen, you just need to know what to look for. The signs in the picture are of course very obvious, but there are many small orange squares and orange bands on lampposts. We had seen these (near the church) but not realised this is what we were looking for.

We walked 10km, as far as the village of Bjäresjö where we had our sandwiches near this church:

It was built in 1170 and the mural paintings actually date from those days.

This stone, with ancient rune symbols, is another 200 years older:

Another 10km saw us back to the boat, we have had our exercise!

Tomorrow is Sweden's national day. We may or may not carry on to Simrishamn. There is an interesting little harbour called Kåseberga just 10 nmiles from here, but with the current Easterly winds that is unfortunately not an option as the swell will run straight into the tiny harbour.

Location:Erik Dahlbergsgatan,Ystad,Sweden

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