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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The lonely German yachtsmen

We arrived in Klintemåla yesterday. It's a very small and very scenic 'harbour', part of a community of mainly holiday homes built straight onto the rocks.

Yesterday we lit the Cobb, our view from the on-shore table was this:

There was only one other visiting boat and he is the reason behind the title of this post.
We quite often meet German yachts with only one person on board. This is not a new thing, in our previous visits to Sweden it has occurred regularly. They are always very friendly men who are happy to have a conversation. When we asked one of them if he would not prefer to have his wife on board, the reply was : "Sure I would, but German wife's are not like Dutch or English, they don't like to be on board for a long time". Now we have also seen German yachts manned by (presumably) happy couples, so maybe there is a bit of a generalisation in the remark of that skipper but the fact remains that we see quite a few of these lonely souls (who sometimes hope that their wife will join them for a week or two).

In the meantime it's rainy today and as we have a bit of time in our 'schedule' (bringing us to Nävekvarn for the midsummer celebrations on the 24th), we have decided to enjoy the solitude (the lonely German has just left) and award ourselves a rest day.


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