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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer solstice but not 'midsummer '

We went ashore with the dingy this morning and walked 20 minutes through the forest to the Harstena village.
Now this is very popular in season, there is a small shop (where you can buy delicious freshly smoked fish), a bakery and a restaurant. But although today was the longest day, everything was still closed. That is because the season only starts at 'midsummer' which is the Friday closest to the solstice, i.e. in three days time. So there was a lot of preparation going on and a couple was trying to convince the restaurant to sell them a meal or some drinks.

At anchor.

Preparing for the season.

Are those people on the top deck getting a meal?

The bakery is still locked up.

Otherwise, there are just two boats (including ourselves) in the Flissfjarden bay tonight. In a week's time it will be busy, in two weeks time it will be packed. In six weeks time it will get quiet again, the season is very short here....


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