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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Naturhamn and Gästhamn

For the past 4 nights, we have been staying in 'naturhamn', natural harbours. These really are often not 'harbours' at all, they are nice places to anchor or tie up to a rock. They are known for good shelter and scenic beauty. There are usually no 'facilities', although really popular places may have a little hut with a 'dry toilet' and a place to leave refuse.
This morning, I took the dinghy to the hut on the shore to drop off the rubbish:

Then we pulled up the anchor and motored to Arkösund. This now is a Gästhamn!

When you see this sign, you know that it is a harbour where guests are welcome. Also, to be allowed to use the sign, the harbour must meet minimum standards around facilities such as toilets, showers, power and water on the jetties etc. The Arkösund marina has all that (including of course a sauna) and in addition you get met by a guy in a dinghy who escorts you to your berth and takes your lines. The only - rather serious - drawback is that the Gästhamn is right next to the diesel pump and the fairway where youngsters on jet skis and water taxis cause an incessant wave pattern in the harbour. Also, at 260SEK it's quite expensive.

We took a walk around the rocks and found this swan who had successfully hatched her eggs. We have seen quite a few swans sitting on their nests, all the way back to Vordingborg in Denmark so we were pleased to see this happy family.


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