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Thursday, June 9, 2016

High school graduation day

After a nice calm trip from Hanö, we arrived in Karlskrona around midday.

We took advantage of the excellent facilities in the renovated harbour to run two loads of washing. Next we went into town to do some shopping. It transpired that today is the day that the high school students get the results of their final exams. We have seen that before in Denmark as well as in Sweden, it's a big celebration. Here in Karlskrona, the successful students sit in the back of trucks (all wearing sailors' hats) and get driven through the town. Hundreds of people, parents, siblings and many other members of the community line the streets and cheer them on. They themselves blow hooters and make a lot of noise. Presumably some alcohol flows, but at 4:30 when we witnessed all of this, that was not all that obvious. It was all very festive!


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