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Friday, June 17, 2016

A strategic stop

We are now in Västervik. This is a 'strategic stop' for us for two reasons. Firstly, there is a very good supermarket in this nice town and in the next week we will be in little bays and on small islands with little or no option to get supplies. So we stocked up today. And secondly there is a lot of rain forecast tonight and tomorrow (it has just started raining).

Yesterday was also rainy, but not a downpour. We decided to stay in Klintemåla, where we now we're the only 'guest boat'. That was clearly not enough to get the harbourmaster to make an appearance: we had a free night.

The trip from Klintemåla this morning was nice. We are now in the skärgård proper, you make your way around the little rocks and islands guided by buoys and little lighthouses that look like huts for pixies:

Close to Västervik, you go through the Sparö channel. It is quite narrow (but not the narrowest we have ever been through) but quite deep, about 6 metres at the shallowest point).

In days gone past, the waters here were unmarked: King Valdemar did not want his enemies to know where the rocks were. And also the pilotage business, which was owned by the Crown, was an attractive source of income!

In just over 4 weeks, since we left the Netherlands, we have covered some 650 miles. The people from a Dutch yacht whom we have seen regularly since Ystad told us today it is now 196 miles to Mariehamn on the Åland Islands. That's sort of their destination and ours too. Back in Ystad it was 450 miles to go, and we look forward to the next bit which promises to be fun with the Midsummer celebrations next week and a visit to Stockholm thereafter.

We'll keep you informed!


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