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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Into the Kalmarsund

We spent an extra day in Karlskrona and in really nice weather got into the Kalmarsund today.
First you go through the 'skärgård' (archipelago) of Karlskrona, which is very pretty:

There are some narrow channels to navigate. They are all well marked with red and green buoys and in addition sometimes with 'leading lines', beacons on shore which guide you along the channel by keeping the one in line with the other:

After the skärgård bit, you pass Torhamns Udde en get into the Kalmarsund which is open water again. The wind was light and we only got an occasional bit of spray over the bows of Onbekommerd. Three hours later we were tied up in Kristianopel, a small harbour which we like a lot. No wonder when this is the view from the front deck!

As the weather was nice (although a bit colder than before yesterday's cold front), we lit the Cobb and had drinks on the rocks whilst cooking our meat:

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