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Sunday, June 12, 2016


A final picture of Kristianopel, the church in Danish style with both the Danish and Swedish flags flying.

This is because Kristianopel was a border town (on the Danish side) between Sweden and Denmark until 1653. Now it is at the northern end of the Swedish province of Blekinge.

When we left Kristianopel this morning for the almost 30 mile trip to Kalmar, there was little wind, but as we got further north it picked up to maybe 15 knots. Not a lot, but enough to get salt on the boat again.

Arriving in Kalmar is always a bit special as you are greeted by the castle:

Kalmar is a useful stop, as a big town it has good shops and also the least expensive diesel in Sweden (that is the accepted wisdom at least). So we filled up with 289 litres....

It is interesting that in every harbour you meet a 'core' of boats that are doing the same route as you are. A mixture of a few Dutch and a few more German boats. One tends to become quite friendly: 'how was your trip?', 'what are your plans for tomorrow?', 'what is are your further plans this year?'.

Sort of a big happy family, travelling North. Sometimes someone skips a place, only to rejoin later. It's nice!


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