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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A late sunset picture and a trip to Trosa

You did not get a picture in yesterday's blog, but after I posted it, Lyn took a nice sunset so we start this blogpost with that picture.

This morning we explored the bay with the dingy and the electric outboard motor and pulled up the anchor after coffee.

An easy 15 mile trip took us to Trosa, a fishing village from the 17th century. In 1719 it was burned down by the Russians, who only left the church standing as they needed it to stable their horses. We visited it, but it does not look that old (or particularly interesting).
There is an old fisherman's cottage from the late 1700's which was worth a picture:

And also the town hall is quite nice:

Trosa is a real tourist place, although not visited by many big yachts as the harbour is relatively shallow at less than 2m. At the height of the season (which it is not yet, although it's clearly more busy on the water), the harbour gets filled up with mainly Swedish motor boats and smaller yachts. At the moment though, we have a good spot alongside the pier (with tourists walking past and admiring Onbekommerd).

We are quite far North and East, here are the coordinates of the end of the pier (which is called 'end of the world')


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