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Thursday, June 30, 2016

An expensive harbour and a not-so-quiet anchorage

From Trosa, we travelled through the quite rugged skärgård around Landsort towards Nynäshamn. There was practically no wind and some of the marks and sector lights looked like mirages. On the way we passed the small harbour on Öja which looked very nice. We made a note of it for a future occasion.

Nynäshamn is also a ferry port and a cruise liner stop as it has good connections to Stockholm. It's a bit confusing seeing the 'Sea Princess' where you think your berth will be. The fast ferry to Gotland also stops here.
We read somewhere that 'Nynäshamn' must be Swedish for 'spending your kids' inheritance'. This is because the harbour fees are high at SEK 300 (excluding electricity) and the harbour is ok but nothing special. We see that many Swedes just stop to do some shopping (there is a good supermarket and a 'Systembolaget', the Swedish state acoholic beverage shop) and then leave to anchor somewhere quiet.
We stayed the night and then left for an anchorage on the island of Ornö. It's very nice and protected from all winds, which explains that -whilst we were the third boat here at 13:39 - there are now (at 17:00) 11 of us.

We will continue to Saltsjöbaden, near Stockholm, tomorrow.

As the Internet connection is very slow here, I will have to post the pictures that go with it tomorrow. Look forward to the mirage marks, the harbour on Öja, the 'Sea Princess', the Gotland ferry and the busy bay!


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