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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Marstal To Lohals

We knew that yesterday was going to be a blowout day, so we needed to decide where to spend it. We could have gone to Lundeborg where we have not been before but that would have been lee shore and by all accounts not well protected. So we decided to spend Sunday as well as Monday in Marstal. We witnessed the end of the accordion festival and Lyn added some music of her own:

Today we did the 24 miles to Lohals, which is on the North Western tip of Langeland. It was a bit bumpy at times, lots of salt water all over the boat. But not bad enough to make coffee and later sandwiches.

Just after we had tied up in Lohals there was a thunderstorm with just a little thunder but plenty of rain, which was good as we could then wash the salt of the boat. All Spic'n Span again!

Lohals is very quiet tonight and quite pretty too:

Lyn predicted a beautiful sunset. She was not wrong......

Location:Lohals Havn,Lohals,Denmark

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