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Monday, May 2, 2016

Still in Amsterdam

After a nice family gathering in Zevenbergen on Saturday, we returned to Onbekommerd at 11pm. During the day, 'Rebel' had arrived next to us. This is a yacht owned by Iain, a Cruising Association member who had asked some questions on the CA forum which we had been able to assist with. So although we had never met, we sort of 'knew' him through email. Yesterday morning we knocked on his boat and we had coffee together.
After that, we went into Amsterdam for our annual 'Amsterdam fix'. As the weather has improved considerably (still cold, but sunny and not a lot of wind), it was heaving with people in the city centre. We walked to the Museumplein and had 'kroketten met frites' and a beer.

Straight back after that, although we stopped to look at the Tesla dealership in the P.C. Hooft straat.

This car has two boots.... ­čś│

Then back to Onbekommerd, we had Iain for supper and had a nice and interesting conversation.

This morning, the weather is still nice. We'll go past my favourite chandlers (Dekker water sport in Zaandam) and then on to Alkmaar.

Location:Buiksloterweg,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

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