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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The 'Onbekommerd Express"

We had a very busy day and unfortunately have no pictures to show it.
We set off at 8 this morning and travelled the Prinses Margriet Kanaal (which later is called the Van Starkenborgh Kanaal) to Groningen. It was quite busy with commercial traffic, some of which are faster than us and others slower. But all have right of way. For faster ones you cling to the side of the canal to let them pass, slower ones you call on the VHF and negotiate an opportunity to pass. A few bridges have to open, but most are high enough for us to pass underneath. And there are a few locks, which you have to share with the big ships.
But having said all this, we were at the Oostersluis, the lock at Groningen, just after 2. We looked at tomorrow's weather forecast and decided to carry on to Delfzijl, another two and a half hours, including a few bridges and a lock.
So just before 5 we were safely tied up in the nice marina at Delfzijl. We did our last Dutch shop (at Albert Heyn) and are now tired but satisfied.
Lyn has a raft of ELS emails to reply to and I have also done some admin stuff.
Tomorrow we take the early (6am) tide up the river Eems into Germany. We don't have iPad or iPhone data for Germany yet and it will be a day or two before we do. So no blogs or emails until then!

By the way, did you know that by clicking on the 'Location' link / text below you get a nice map showing exactly where we are? Try it!

Location:Handelskade West,Delfzijl,The Netherlands

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