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Thursday, May 26, 2016

In the Kiel canal

Yesterday, we did the first part of the Kiel canal, from Brunsbüttel to Rendsburg. It is 66Km so about 5 to 6 hours motoring. Usually, it is quite busy with commercial traffic, sometimes really big ships. Yesterday however it was very quiet, jus a handful of ships. On arrival at Rendsburg, we filled up with diesel and took a mooring. On the swimming platform of the boat next to us, a happy family occasion had just occurred:

We liked the proud mother and het offspring, there are probably more eggs but she was not moving!

We had a nice 'dinner on shore' with our new friends from the 'Nine Marit' and the 'Sierd Hiddes'. We usually eat out at the 'Riverside' restaurant at Rendsburg, good food at a reasonable price to celebrate the 'one day to the Baltic' mark!

This morning I had a surprise:

You may guess the occasion.....

At 8:30 we parted from the others and went back onto the canal for the final 33Km stretch. Today the traffic makes up for yesterday:

We currently have another 25Km to go to the Holtenau lock, which is often the one with a longish wait. We have done 47 locks so far and the 'lock Gods' have smiled upon us, so who knows. At that time we will also make a final weather assessment and decide if we are going to continue to Bagenkop in Denmark as is the current plan. More later....


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