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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another early morning

The trip yesterday through the Küstenkanal was easy, not the most exiting stuff, 5 hours along a straight route. The canal appears to be full of Dutch boats, a bit like the Germans in Friesland. We had a short wait at the lock at the end and had a chat about our respective travel plans.

We dropped a few metres in the lock and tied up in the quite full harbour of Oldenburg. A relatively nice old university town, but the weather was a bit iffy.
The next stretch is tidal again, first down the river Hunte to Elsfleth and then down the Weser to Bremerhaven. This can be done in a single tide as long as you leave within an hour of high tide. The only 'problem' was that high tide was at 4:30..... But the conditions today looked much better than tomorrow, so we set the alarm clock for 4:30, woke up by ourselves at 4:25 anyway and we're off the mooring at 4:45 and through the railway bridge at 4:55 (fortunately it operates 24/7 and the lady operator was not even surprised when I requested an opening via the VHF).

As always, the morning light was beautiful. It was just getting light as we left, sunrise was only at 5:19.

The heron (and the duck you can just see) were clearly up early too!

With the tide behind us, we were doing up to 9.5 knots and at exactly 9 we were in the lock leading into the marina in Bremerhaven:

This is a nice and comfortable marina with excellent facilities (including Internet) and after all these long days with lots of miles, we are going to have a rest day tomorrow!

Location:Am Neuen Hafen,Bremerhaven,Germany

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