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Saturday, April 30, 2016


When entering the harbour of Amsterdam from the IJsselmeer, you first need to pass through the 'Oranjesluis', a complex of four locks. It was busy there, with quite a few commercial ships waiting. Fortunately there is a separate lock for pleasure craft.

Then you enter the 'IJ', the busy harbour of Amsterdam. Most big cargo ships stay to the Western side, but the big cruise liners moor right in the city centre. Here are a few impressions.

Just across from the Central railway station, you wind the narrow entrance to the Sixhaven.

This is our favourite place in Amsterdam, the facilities are good, there is a lively international atmosphere and it is a short ferry ride from the city centre.

Yesterday we stayed on board, the weather was bad and we had some stuff to do anyway. We had the daily hailstorm too:

This morning the sun is out! We are going to a family gathering, by train.

Location:Havikslaan,Amsterdam,The Netherlands

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