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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


We did a - just under 30 mile - stretch from Simrishamn to Ystad today.
In the beginning light winds, quite a bit of 'leftover swell' and a bit of current behind. As we got to 'the corner', Sandhammaren - the Cape Horn of the North because of the many shipwrecks over the centuries - the current turned against us, not a lot though. Then the wind started to pick up, right on the nose. Nothing too serious, but the boat is now as salty as a herring again as quite a bit of water came over the bows. All of the pounding into the waves of course also slowed us down a bit, instead of around 6.75 knots in smooth water without current we did between 5.9 and 6.3. Not good for the diesel consumption!
When we got to Ystad, there was still a choice of moorings, but later it filled up quickly. That's quite normal, so we try to get to the next harbour by 2pm if we can. Ystad is a nice town and a good harbour too! Tomorrow there will be an international military tattoo, but we won't stay for that.
On the way out, almost 2 months ago, this was our first stop in Sweden but tomorrow we'll go to Gislövs Läge, about 25 miles to the west. That makes the trip back to Denmark (Rødvig, most likely) a lot shorter at just over 30 miles which is close to what we have been doing the last week or so.


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