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Friday, August 21, 2015

Change of plan!

Just before we were due to leave today, we looked a bit further ahead, tide and weather wise. We knew it would be no problem to get to Wilhelmshaven and from there through the Ems - Jade canal to Emden. Getting to Emden on Sunday afternoon would not really work from a tide point of view: we would have to wait until Monday before doing the last 10 miles to Delfzijl in the Netherlands. But Monday is predicted to have strong westerly winds and a 'wind against tide' scenario on the Ems is not inviting.
So we completely changed the plan and set off in the opposite direction. With the incoming tide up the Weser to Elsfleth and containing up the Hunte to Oldenburg where we are now. A nice and easy river trip!
From here we'll take the Küstenkanal to Dörpen, then up the Ems to Haren and from there to Ter Apel in the Netherlands. This is the long way around, but no worries about tides and wind as it's all canal / river work. Quite relaxing for a change. From Ter Apel we'll probably take the new 'Veen route' to Meppel.
The only thing is that we have no idea how good or bad the Internet connection will be the next few days. And as Vodafone Netherlands have changed their systems (again 😡) I don't quite know yet how to load 'Dutch' data on the iPads once we get there.
So we (and you) may be lucky or not in being able to do blogposts the next few days!


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