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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Traditional ships - past the Southernmost tip of Sweden

When we arrived at Ystad yesterday, there were two nice navy training sailing vessels lying at anchor outside, which we quite liked:

This morning, we left at 7. There was a light easterly wind blowing which was perfect for the relatively short trip to Gislövs Läge. 

When we emerged from the harbour, which is hidden behind rather high breakwaters, we saw this beautiful three master at anchor. A bit later, against the rising sun it looked even better!

Halfway the trip to Gislövs, we passed Smygehuk, the southernmost tip of Sweden. The starboard harbour head you can see in this picture is the actual point.

We would have liked to go there, but the harbour - although quite scenic - is so full of rotting seaweed that the stench,  according to many sources, is reported to be unbearable.

So we continued and were tied up in Gislövs Läge before 11am! This is a sleepy and not very exciting spot, but ideal as a starting point for tomorrow's trip to Rødvis in Denmark as it is only just over 30 miles. It could be less, but you need to go south of the Falsterbö Rev traffic separation scheme (TSS) and that is a detour of a few miles.
We plan to leave early (6am) for a few reasons: the sea always looks at its nicest early in the morning, Rødvig is a busy harbour and arriving early will help in securing a decent berth and the wind will still be in the east and thus behind us in the morning.

So tomorrow's post should come from Denmark, after almost 60 days in Sweden.

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