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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


After a night with a lot of rain and thunder, the forecast was that it would not rain anymore and the wind was light. So this morning we did the 32 miles from Vordingborg to Omø. The sea south of the island of Zealand, the Smålandsfarwandtet (or something like that), is full of reefs and shallows, which makes it quite 'lumpy' even with relatively little wind. But today was great, smooth sailing all along and by 2:30 we were tied up in the harbour of Omø. We have been here a few times before, and each time it's a bit more dilapidated than before. No maintenance being done, that seems clear.
Neither of our two 3G SIM cards have any usable reception (have I mentioned that the Swedish card we use gives us unexpected free roaming?) and the harbour WiFi is pretty pathetic (as many 'harbour WiFi's are) but I have managed to find a place where I can connect and do this update.
The plan tomorrow is move on to either Lohals or Rudkøbing, both of these are on the west coast of Langeland. Hopefully there will be better internet there!

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