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Friday, August 7, 2015

Back in Denmark

We left Gislövs Läge at 7 this morning. A bit of an easterly wind and swell, which rolled the boat a bit, but it soon became more comfortable.
The AIS once again made it much easier to navigate the TSS (Traffic Separation System) at Falsterborev, it really helps to see the big ships on the plotter before you can even distinguish them visually and also be sure whether they will pass behind or ahead of you! Of course this is just a 'navigational aid', you need to keep proper lookout as well. Plus we plot our position on the paper chart every half hour. Electronic navigation is great, but it is not the only and ultimate solution!
Anyway, we tied up in Rødvig just before noon. Removed the Swedish courtesy flag which has been flying for 57 days and replaced it with the Danish one.
We'll move on tomorrow, probably to an island called Nyord where we have not been before.


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