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Monday, August 3, 2015


Today I am going to deliver on yesterday's promise to post the pictures of the last week.

We did a very quiet almost 5 hour stretch from Hanö to Simrishamn today. As you will see in the pictures, no wind at all, perfect for us! Tomorrow might be a bit windy, in which cas ewe'll stay here in Simrishamn. The next stop will be Ystad, just 28 miles 'around the corner' on the South coast of Skåne (we are still on the east coast now).

Here are the promised pictures:

Big ship traffic is rare in the Kalmar Sund. In the background is the bridge between Kalmar and Öland. 

 The TV show in Kristianopel

We were the background for the TV show.

 And we had a first row view of the proceedings too!

 The small harbour in Kristianopel would not offer much protection from a strong Easterly wind!

 The last rocks in the last Skärgård between Karlskrona and Hanö

 The 'English cemetery on Hanö, seen from the water.

 From the highest point on Hanö

 The Hanö lighthouse

 The English cemetery, now seen from the island towards the sea.

 The only tombstone in the cemetery.

 The northern point of Hanö is made up of a spit of small stones. 

 Hanö harbour.

Very calm and sunny conditions this morning. Perfect for us!

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