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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hoogeveense Vaart

We enjoyed our visit to the 'Veenpark', an open air museum showing life in the days that the economy of this area was dominated by the peat production. We also had pancakes with bacon and cheese for lunch, a Dutch treat.

After the Veenpark, we did a few hours with quite a few locks to the 'Oranjesluis' and today another 6 hours to get just west of Hoogeveen. The locks and bridges - of which there are many - operate very efficiently and the lock- and bridge keepers are very friendly. But all in all it's quite slow and somewhat tedious going. That's our 'fault', we aren't 'canal people'...

Tomorrow we'll go as far as Zwartsluis and the next day visit our friends Jur and Aafke in Marknesse.

Location:Leeuwenveenseweg,De Wolden,The Netherlands


  1. Were the pancakes as good as my ham and cheese ones? ;)

  2. They were good, but your pancakes are epic! We look forward to you making them for us in a few weeks time!!