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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Back in Germany

We left Bagenkop at 6 this morning. Calm enough weather, but fog for the last two hours to Kiel. With the AIS and the radar, it was not really much of a problem. Then an hour and a half wait for the lock, by then there were 40 yachts waiting! Quite an Armada when we left the lock.
Half an hour into the canal there were 3 red lights. This means that all traffic must wait. It's quite rare, we have only experienced it once before. After half an hour, a large barge being towed by two tugs, one in front and one behind, appeared. Then we were allowed to carry on.
Almost exactly 10 hours after leaving Bagenkop, we tied up in Rendsburg, which we know quite well by now!
It looks like we'll be here for a few days as the forecast for the next two days is quite bad.

Tomorrow, we'll buy some internet data and I'll post some pictures. This is written using the club WiFi.


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