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Saturday, August 29, 2015


Apologies for the lack of posts. When not a lot is happening, one struggles to write something!

We finished the province of Drenthe and got into Overijssel. The plan was to spend the night in Genemuiden, a place we had never been to. Unfortunately the inner harbour was out of bounds (a rope hanging across the entrance) and the outer harbour was full of old rust buckets so we turned around and continued to Vollenhove. We were there last year for the celebrations of the fifth anniversary of the Valk Yachts Club. It's a nice place and it was extra festive as they were preparing for the 'Corso', a big annual event with floats and marching bands. It apparently attracts tens of thousands of spectators! The streets were decked out in 'themes', the most interesting being the 'hippy age'.
We did not stay for the actual event though, to be one of tens of thousands of people in this small town is not really that exciting to us!
Instead we went to visit our Valk Yachts friends in Marknesse, just an hour or two from Vollenhove. We had a delightful time, mooring behind their house and talking about what we all did during the summer. Thanks again, Jur and Aafke for the wonderful hospitality in the 'Springer Guest Harbour'!
We left there after coffee this morning and entered the province of Friesland at Lemmer. This is a lively 'town' (not one of the Frisian 11 cities) and today being Saturday plus the weather being really nice it was very full. So we continued to a 'place in the wild'. An organisation called 'Marrekrite' has set up lots of mooring places in nice quiet spots in Friesland. You can tie up free of charge, there are no facilities apart from a refuse container and when sun sets its just quiet!
Just what we need after a few weeks of concentrating to get back 'home'. We'll probably stay here (it's on a little lake called 'Brandemar', just south of Sloten) tomorrow as well.

Location:Doraweg,Lemsterland,The Netherlands

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