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Thursday, August 13, 2015


Lyn pointed out to me (and correctly!) that I was a bit too harsh in my criticism of Omø harbour two days ago. Let me tell you that they have constructed very nice 'grillpladsen' (barbecue places) plus a great children's play area. And the other very important thing is that it is a real 'gasthamn', there are no boats that have their home port there, everyone is a visitor. This makes for a very nice and lively atmosphere as on every boat there are people. And there is a coming and going of boats, which - especially in a bit of a breeze - can be let's say 'interesting' as it is a small harbour with not a lot of space to make mistakes in manoeuvring.
So we had a good time there, and left this morning in nice smooth conditions, first to cross the shipping routes in the Great Belt and then in a southerly direction to the west of Langeland. For the first time in a few weeks we had a nice following current most of the way and just after 12 noon we tied up in Rudkøbing. This unfortunately is a 'club harbour', so it's very quiet with lots of boats but few people.

Tomorrow is predicted to be very windy (that forecast has persisted for quite a few days now) and we are well sheltered and Rudkøbing, although not exactly the 'centre of the world' is ok to spend an extra day. We hope it will just be a day, as the forecast for the next week does not show a lot of opportunities to carry on, to Bagenkop and the across the Kieler Bucht back to Germany. But we have plenty of time, so no worries!

I'll post some pictures of the last few days tomorrow!


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