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Monday, July 3, 2017


We see some really interesting sights, moving from harbour to harbour.
A few days ago, a bit outside Loftahammer, we saw this nice boat with lots of interesting topsails. A fisherman, judging from the net hanging in the rigging.

That's quite different from what we saw yesterday on our way to Figeholm:

We hope for the occupants of this sailing canoe that no wave managed to hop inside!

With some sadness, we said goodbye to the 'skärgård' (archipelago, scherenkust). It is the wonderful collection of tens of thousands of islands, some no more than a rock, some big enough to have a few villages and even bus services on them. The skärgård stretches from around Figeholm in the South to Arholma in the North.
Yesterday we did the last 30 miles from Västervik, the last bit to Figeholm was quite tricky with some of the buoys marking underwater rocks being very close together.
A big feature of the skärgård is that it offers very nice protection from wind and waves. It can be 20 knots 'outside' and in between the islands it can be almost still.
We now enter the Kalmarsund, between the Swedish mainland and the island of Öland. It is about 80 miles long and up to 5 miles wide. Not 'open sea', but enough for waves to build up uncomfortably if the wind is strong.
As today it's up to 20 knots, we are going to stay in Figeholm which is a very nice small and protected harbour. Tomorrow looks better and we'll start moving towards Kalmar itself, a big town about halfway down the sund.


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