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Thursday, July 20, 2017


We had an uneventful trip from Denmark to Germany. In Laboe we put our forth and last courtesy flag in the starboard rigging:

The last two days, we have traversed the Kiel canal, which connects the Baltic at Kiel to the North Sea, actually the river Elbe at Brunsbüttel.
This canal is used by fairly large ships and in Kiel you go through the locks with them, which is interesting.

One third of the way is the town of Rendsburg, a popular stop with a good marina. We quenched Onbekommerd 's thirst with 300l of diesel and had a 'meal ashore' at Riverside, the very popular restaurant at the marina. Eating there is a tradition for us and many other yachtsmen. It is also popular with the local Rendsburg population.

This morning we did the final 66KM of the canal and we are now in the small marina right next to the lock. All night there are big ships passing about 10m from our boat. Fortunately they go very slow at that stage as they are manoeuvring into the lock! It's an exciting stop which we always enjoy.

Tomorrow we have to start thinking about tides again, something we last did more than a year ago! We go down the Elbe for only 9 miles to Otterndorf, but the current on this river can be up to 4 knots which one rather has behind than against one. High tide is at 12:21 so a bit before that time we (and undoubtedly many others) will be waiting at the lock in the hope we will be attended to without too much of a wait. Commercial traffic takes precedence.

At Otterndorf we will go through an entirely different lock, one for (very) small boats only.
I'll try to get a picture of that for the next post.


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