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Sunday, July 9, 2017

The last stop in Sweden

We had a good rest day in Simrishamn. One of the special features there is the fish shop, where they sell all kinds of (often smoked) fish. At 11am it was already full of customers. We got smoked herring for lunch, smoked mackerel to eat with the drinks and very nice smoked salmon for dinner. All of that for 140 Swedish Kroner, about £14.

This morning we left Simrishamn just before 7 for the 27 mile trip to Ystad. We passed Sandhammaren, the 'Cape Horn of the North'.

And also saw this boat sailing in the early morning light:

By 11:30 we were in Ystad, our last Swedish stop. Having said that, Ystad has more of a Danish than a Swedish feel to it. That is unsurprising as Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden, has been under Danish rule a lot in the past. In fact, many of the Swedes in other parts of the country seem to consider Skåne not really part of Sweden and the local population not as 'real Swedes' either.
Nevertheless, we quite like Ystad, with its Danish looking streets:

Tomorrow we are planning to leave early for the 52 mile trip to Rødvig in Denmark. The first part is along the Swedish coast to Trelleborg, then we cross the Falsterbro shipping 'roundabout' and on to Stevns Klint, the chalk and lime rocks north of Rødvig. The forecast is for a rare day of light easterlies, which is just what we want!


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