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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The number one Swedish summer city

With the weather being a bit unstable, we try to put in significant distances when we get a chance.
So today we did a 7 hour, 46.5 mile stint from Figeholm to Kalmar. A nice, relatively uncomplicated trip. The first hour or two a bit knobbly ', after that the wind dropped and veered to come from almost behind and we ended up doing over 7 knots over the ground for the last 15 minutes or so.

On the way, we passed Dämman. This lighthouse was built at the expense of Lloyds in 1864, paying for the lighthouse was obviously better than settling lots of claims from ships that had run on the rocks there. In 1969, the lighthouse was replaced by a modern light 500 metres to the East and Dämman fell into disrepair. In 1995 a businessman bought it from the state (for SEK 250000, just over €25000) and it is now a restaurant and hotel, presumably quite exclusive as you can only get there by boat (we saw the boat, unsurprisingly called 'Dämman", on the AIS) or by helicopter.

We got to Kalmar in between a few rain- and thundershowers, fortunately it was dry when we were tying up.

During our visit to the Systembolaget (the state run store where any drinks with an alcohol content over 3.5% are sold), the uncharacteristicly talkative Swedish till operator told us that Kalmar was voted the best Swedish summer city. We checked this and it appears to be the true outcome of a vote by a national magazine.
We quite like Kalmar, not too big, not too small, nice pedestrian areas.

So here is to Kalmar!


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