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Friday, July 28, 2017

Moin moin

The title of the post is the greeting you get all day from everyone here in the North Western part of Germany. 'Hello' is probably the best translation. People are very friendly and helpful. And talking with the locals has great benefits! Whilst still in Fedderwardersiel, we asked a local skipper if and how it was possible to get to the island of Wangerooge in one tide. He showed a rather adventurous route, outside all marked fairways over the shallow grounds (which we would only do when following a local like himself). And then he mentioned that the best way to do it in two sections was to stop in Hormersiel. Now that's a little harbour on the Weser that we would otherwise not have chosen. But we took his advice and it was a delightful stopover.

There too we talked to someone about getting to Spiekeroog instead of Wangerooge, Spiekeroog being the second of the North Friesian German islands (counting from the East). He confirmed our calculations that it was possible and we set off with the extra leg past Wangerooge to Spiekeroog in the plotter and in our mind. At the entrance to Wangerooge we decided that all was going to plan and continued.

On the way we saw plenty of seals and some small dolphins.

We are now on Spiekeroog, where we will stay for three or four days. The weather is not good, with strong winds and this is a very nice island to be weather bound! More details in a later post!

Location:Am Leuchtturm,Spiekeroog,Germany

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