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Friday, July 7, 2017

A magical place and a long trip

After Kalmar, we spent a night in Kristianopel. That is almost a 'traditional ' stop for us, whether we are going North or South in the Kalmarsund.

The reason is clear when you look at the view we have when waking up.

Then we had to decide where to go next. The 'traditional ' next stop is Karlskrona. But for a few years we had wanted to go to Utklippan, a small rocky outcrop in the sea Southeast of Karlskrona . We had never done it as we wanted 'perfect conditions ' to approach and leave this unknown place. We looked at the weather forecast and this was the time to do it!

It's not far from Kristianopel to Utklippan, just 4 hours. And you can see the lighthouse from far away. When you approach, the tension builds.

Utklippan means 'outer rock' and that's what it is. On two skerries, which form the most Southeastern point of Sweden, a small 'basin' has been blasted in the rocks to form a shelter for fishing boats in bad weather.
There has been a lighthouse there since 1840, but it was finally decommissioned in 2008. These days there is what the harbour master calls a 'tourist light', a weak light on top of the old lighthouse.
But the real magic is that there is nothing but the small harbour and the sound of the seagulls. The harbour is on Norraskär, the northern skerry, the lighthouse, a youth hostel (only to be reached by taxiboat) and the harbourmaster's house are on Södraskär. You can borrow a dinghy to row between the skerries (or hitch a ride on the harbourmaster's RIB as we did).
In the end we were there with 30 boats from 7 different nationalities.
Pictures can't show how special the place is, but here are a few:

We were sorry to have to leave, but this morning we continued our trip South and West. The original plan was to do 30 miles to Hanö, but after half an hour we looked at the weather forecasts for the next few days, decided to put in a big effort and changed course to Simrishamn, a 52 mile 8.5 hour trip.
We'll take a rest day tomorrow!


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