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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Back in Denmark

We left Ystad early, at 6am, to take advantage of the light easterly wind. The 51 mile trip to Rødvig was easy and relatively uneventful. The AIS once again proved very useful. Of course we can see all the ships around us, but the AIS information on the plotter shows the course and speed of the big ships very clearly. Add to that information on the 'rate of turn' as they change course, plus a mention of their destination and you can predict quite accurately what their future course will be. At Falsterbrorev, between Sweden and Denmark, there is a traffic separation system in the shape of a roundabout: oceangoing ships coming together from three directions and the AIS (Automatic Identification System) helps us a lot to navigate this!

By 14:30 we were in Rødvig, Denmark. We could still (just) find a berth, but a bit later the harbour was basically full, 'a madhouse', someone exclaimed.

This morning we took a relatively short trip to Præstø (neither the æ or the ø are used in Swedish, they are typically Danish). This is a somewhat sleepy small town in a characteristic Danish landscape:

And the streets are typically Danish too:

The final typically Danish touch is the ice cream shop. In Sweden, but probably even more in Denmark, ice cream is almost a national 'dish'. We have been told that even in mid winter, lots of ice cream is consumed. Not just by children, like in many other countries, but just as much by adults. We happily joined the habit today! Sorry, I did not have a camera or phone with me....


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