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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The express boat through Denmark

The recipe is similar every year: we promise ourselves that once we get to 'X', we'll slow down and take it easy for a week or so as it's still too early to push on. And when we get to 'X', we see a nice weather gap and we push on as if we have just robbed a bank and the cops are after us. So also this year: just a few days after arriving in Denmark, we are in Bagenkop and waiting for the next weather gap to go to Kiel. Then we'll go on to Bremerhaven and to the German Wadden islands. Promise....!

The highlight of our quick trip through Denmark has been meeting up with the three boat 'flotilla ' of Valk Vlets, Mar Mar, Jildou and Lobos. They were meant to go to Berlin, but low water levels on the Elbe forced them to go to Denmark instead. We think it's a better option anyway... We met them on Omø yesterday and they invited us to a 'flotilla dinner'. That was very nice and we had a great time together.

Today was a great day to do the 36 miles to Bagenkop (see the remark about 'weather gaps' above), so we set off before 8 past the Omø lighthouse.

There was no wind all day and we saw several different fishing 'vessels'.

Once we rounded the lighthouse on the southernmost point of Langeland

we soon arrived at Bagenkop with the characteristic red houses and tower.

We will probably be here for a day or two, tomorrow is windy and possibly the day after as well. We can do with a rest anyway....


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