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Monday, July 24, 2017

Boats need water

Boats need water. But at the moment we don't have any! Fortunately this is all planned. We are in Fedderwardersiel, a small harbour which falls dry at low tide.
This is the current view from the boat:

And this is the view of the boat:

As you can see we are in the mud, tilting forward a bit.

The harbour entrance looks like this at the moment:

When we arrived, there was 200cm water in the entrance, the red '200' line was just visible.

This yacht is (probably on purpose) very high and dry.

He'll need almost full high tide to get off again (he was very much aground already when we arrived less than 2 hours after high tide).

This is very different from the 'avoiding the rocks' scenario we had in Sweden for the last 15 months. But it's also fun!

Location:Am Leuchtturm,Butjadingen,Germany

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