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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Look at the title of this post please....

Yes, we are in port. But that's not the meaning of 'port' I am trying to convey.
We have just opened a new bottle of port. That's the port I mean!
We only drink port if and when it is cold. It is now 29 June, the heater is on, it is blowing 25 knots in the gusts and we have had quite a bit of rain. It feels like summer has been cancelled. Fortunately we are snug in the boat, the harbour is full of yachts sheltering from the weather. One (slightly foolish) man was spotted brushing down his boat in the rain, wearing a pink hat and shorts. Lyn mentioned that his legs were as pink as his hat...
Anyway, we have lots to do, we are comfortable and it looks like we will be here for another two days.
Some day, we are sure, summer will arrive in Sweden and hopefully it will be when we are still here...


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