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Thursday, June 22, 2017

At home in Nävekvarn

Since yesterday afternoon, we have been in Nävekvarn. This is where Onbekommerd spent the winter. Also, we were here last year for the Midsommar celebrations.
It is the place in Sweden where we feel more and more 'at home'. It's a strange combination of attributes that lies behind this. The Swedes here at the Näve Qvarn Båt Klub (old fashioned spelling) are very welcoming (as are most of the Swedes we have met over our 4 seasons in Sweden). But there is also a significant contingent of 'foreigners ', made up of Hollanders and Brits. As we have feet in both the Dutch and the British 'camps', we get on well with all of them, it's a big happy family. We "mess around with boats", share experiences on and off the water and commiserate with those who have breakdowns (our Dutch neighbours have been waiting for parts to have their engine reconditioned for a few weeks now).
Tomorrow is Midsommar, a big event here in Sweden which we will celebrate, firstly by seeing the 'stång' (Midsummer pole) raised and afterwards with a party, this year organised by the Britis (supported by the Swedes of course). If last year's "Dutch" party is anything to go by, it will be fun!
More about all of that later!


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