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Saturday, June 3, 2017

A pilot station, a radio beacon and now an idyllic harbour

From around 1820 to 1920, Rödhamn was a pilot station. It is located very strategically on the shipping route between Finland and Sweden but there are lots of rocks and islands around, so pilots served an important role.

After 1920, a radio beacon was set up here, manned by three operators who lived on this small islands with their families. As radar and Decca were developed, the use of radio beacons became less important and now only a small museum reminds us of these days.

The only use left is as a harbour, run by the ÅSS, the same club where we were guests when we were in Mariehamn. Officially, it opens on 1 June but they are still setting everything up. In peak season, there can be up to 70 boats here, now we are 4: a Swede at anchor, a member at the 'members jetty', ourselves and a British yacht which has just arrived. The lack of freshly baked bread, delivered to the boat in the morning but only from next weekend, is made up by the quiet atmosphere, just the sound of the birds.


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