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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Busy busy

One of our regular followers pointed out that there had not been a blogpost for some time, and he is right. We have had quite a busy 'social life' on the boat and that keeps one busy.
After the 'swan lake', we moved to Grinda and then to Vaxholm. Both of these are 'old favourites '. At Vaxholm, Gwilym and Janine left us and we moved on to Tyresö. We were there a few weeks ago as well, and this time my former colleague Arend was in residence there (with his wife Birgitta). Arend came on board:

Arend afterwards took us home for a nice grilled salmon dinner with Birgitta. We also met their 17 month old granddaughter Liv (and Liv's parents, Elena and Jakob).

The next day we retreated to Saltsjöbaden where our niece Philippa and her husband Sean came on board.

They stayed for the night and enjoyed the sunset (behind the Grand Hotel) with us.

The following day (we are now talking yesterday), they came for a 4 hour trip to Nynäshamn with us. The weather was great and we had a smooth trip. They took the train back to Stockholm from there, but only after giving in to the typical Swedish temptation: ice cream!

This morning was quite a bit more windy, so on our trip to Ringsön (a favourite anchorage), we got quite a bit of water over the deck. Nothing unusual, but it had not happened for quite some time and the boat is 'as salty as a herring'. Tomorrow we'll return to Nävekvarn where we will stay for the Midsummer celebrations on Friday. More about that later.


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