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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dinghy and reflections

Our good friends Gwilym and Janine have been with us since Saturday. We first went to Arholma, then we wanted to go to a small harbour on Blidö which was still closed so we ended up in Furusund. There too, they were still hard at work to prepare for the coming season (and it is already 14 June). Here you see more stern buoys being laid:

We stayed an extra day at Furusund as the weather was cold, wet and windy. But today it was glorious and we set off to Träskö Störo, an island with lots of bays in which one can tie up to the rocks or anchor. We did the latter and we can use the dinghy to get ashore. Here Gwilym and Janine are on their way. Unfortunately Janine fell into the water when getting into the dinghy on the way back, but no harm was done!

Originally, there were two more boats here, but they have left so we are all alone. It's very beautiful as can be seen in these reflection shots Lyn took:


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