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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Going back South

As reported yesterday, we were going to leave early to take advantage of a 'weather gap' on the 5 hour crossing of the Sea of Åland. We woke up at 4:45 to find that there was thick fog around. So back to bed! By 10, the visibility had improved a lot and we left lovely Mariehamn (it was 'Åland Day' to boot). Shorty after getting out of the fairways we hit a fog patch and deliberated whether we should continue or go back. As we could see the sun above, we're away from any dangerous grounds and had chosen a route out of the ferry lanes, we decided to carry on and this was the right decision: a little later it cleared completely and we had a great trip towards Sweden. The first bit of Sweden you approach is the Tävaren beacon:

Our plan was to go to Fejan, an island that was a quarantine station to avoid cholera to reach Stockholm from Russia and Finland. When we got to the guest jetty, it appeared closed, completely deserted.
We looked at the options and found that the island of Lidön, a bit further inland, has a sheltered anchorage. We are there now, together with 5 other boats. It's very idyllic, well protected (as long as the wind is not from the East) and we can currently hear the birds singing.


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