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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Not really a lake, the harbour has disappeared and another quiet anchorage.

As mentioned before, we are now on lake Mälaren. The only reason it is a lake, is that it does not connect directly to the sea. And it is fresh water, not brackish like the Baltic at this latitude. But to us, there is little difference between Mälaren and the Stockholm skärgård. Well, that is as far as the geography is concerned: the same sets of islands and 'sunds' between them. The other big difference is the crowds or rather the lack of them. In the Stockholm skärgård you continually have to avoid ferries and other boats, here we seldom see anyone else. Today not more than 3 other boats. And it's still peak season....

Yesterday we found a harbour in our almanac. It was called Härjarö, supposedly part of a recreational facility with a campsite, cabins for hire etc. We arrived in the middle of a rain storm (the first one in a long time) and found only three other boats there. After tying up, we were told that the harbour (and the rest of the facility) had closed down three years ago! So much for our 2016 chart which also showed it. Anyway, the concrete pontoons and (some of) the mooring facilities were still there, so we stayed. After dinner we walked around the deserted campsite which was a bit 'Kafkaesque': sort of maintained, looking as if the occupants had just left a few hours ago.
Anyway, the sunset was not less spectacular because of it:

This morning we moved on another few hours to a very quiet anchorage. We thought we might be by ourselves, but another boat came in and looks like spending the night as well. It's quite pretty here!

The 'lake' is quite big and as we are not in a hurry we'll take another 2 days to Västerås, more or less on the NW extreme.


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