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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A very old cathedral

Last night we spent on Fagerön, a very small nature reserve island with a jetty that takes about 6 boats if you try hard. There were 5 of us. Just a composting toilet and a place to leave refuse. And a place to make a fire plus two benches to sit on. We had our drinks there whilst cooking the steak on the Cobb. Three other crews had the same idea. We really enjoy these 'naturhamn'!

This morning we continued to Västerås, quite far north and west on Mälaren. After Sigtuna, it is the second oldest town in Sweden. Although looking quite industrial from the water, it has a really interesting cathedral, originally dating (as a church) from the 12th century and made a cathedral in 1271. Of course we paid a visit:

Something surprising was the way the 'Svenka Kyrkan', the Swedish church, tries to get people into the churches:

Tomorrow, we start going south and east again, towards Södertalje. We plant to be there, at the lock where one leaves Mälaren, in about 5 days.


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