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Thursday, August 18, 2016

And so the boating season ends

We arrived in Nävekvarn on Monday and have been preparing for the 'layup' since Tuesday.
As the weather was nice and sunny, we first cleaned and dried the dingy and packed it away.
Next it was scrubbing time: the whole outside of the boat, including the teak deck.
We also changed the engine oil, changed the diesel and oil filters and cleaned the bilge.

In the evening we had drinks in the clubhouse with a number of British and a few Dutch yachtsmen who are also laying up here. For some reason, Nävekvarn is very popular with these 'foreign' boating communities.

Yesterday, Wednesday, we did all the inside cleaning jobs and started the packing.

We were first expecting to be hauled out early this morning, but the boat lift / cart had a puncture so it was after two when it finally turned up. By then it was drizzling, so we only have a few pictures.

The boat looked good underwater, very little growth, but then with almost daily movement that's what one would expect.

The tractor pulled the boat cart up the hill a bit faster than we could walk and an hour or so later Onbekommerd was safely on her blocks and stands in the dry and heated hall.

We then disconnected the batteries, inspected and cleaned the anchor chain and removed our luggage from board.

Tonight we are staying in the guesthouse which is part of the Swede Port Marina, actually it's the same building that the boat is in.

Tomorrow is a travelling day: bus to Nyköping, train to Stockholm, bus to the airport, flight to London, underground and train to Coulsdon. Guess we'll be tired by the time we get there.


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