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Friday, August 12, 2016

No photos......

We have been on the move a bit, but the camera is taking a bit of a rest so this is just a post of words.

After the somewhat disappointing stay at Skansholmen, we put in a bit of diesel and continued to Trosa. We were also here on the 28th June on our way North. A very pleasant small touristy town with a good harbour.
Also a good supermarket, which we needed badly after emptying the cupboards for a few days.

We decided to stay for an extra day, to get some work done but also to time our last week on board. Next week Thursday Onbekommerd is going into winter storage and the next day we fly to London.

In the meantime we met two Cruising Association members here (for the first time in weeks) and also a couple on a Dutch boat we met in Nävekvarn at midsummer.

We may stay another day, depending on the weather. Nävekvarn, where the winter storage is, is just a two day trip through the skärgård away.


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