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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Castle and Steam

We got to Mariefred yesterday and found it to be a really nice and interesting place!

To start with, it is dominated by the Grypsholm castle and this time it's a real castle.
It was built in the 16th century by King Gustav Vasa (who was elected King of Sweden at the cathedral in Strängnäs cathedral in 1523) and extended a few times by subsequent kings. It was never destroyed, not even by fire, which is unusual. Today one can visit it, it also houses the Swedish National Portrait gallery, a collection of almost 5000 portraits of people who have been important to the Swedish nation.
There is also an 18th century theatre, Gustav III was a lover of the theatre so he had one built, including all the machinery to move sets around etc. Quite interesting to do a 'back stage' tour and see all the wooden cogs that make it work.

All in all, Lake Mälaren is full of Swedish history and we are glad to have taken the opportunity to visit it!

But there is more to Mariefred (which by the way is the site of an old convent, that's where the name comes from). There is a narrow gauge railway which operates a service with a steam engine to a castle at Taxinge. There they have an incredible cake buffet and you can take the steam boat back to Mariefred.
We had a very enjoyable 'tourist day'!

Update: from the train we spotted these 'fallow deer'. We were hoping they were elk, but unfortunately......


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